Diane Wieland(non-registered)
Beautiful work, love our picture!
Martha L Aguilar(non-registered)
Saw your posts on FB FH connections and fell in love with your work. Started following and now I'm here. Amazing job! Never a dull moment swimming within your pages and setting my gaze apon your art! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your talent!
Steve and Pam Page(non-registered)
Hi Russ,
It was so nice meeting you today.
Thank you for education on the wild horses!
We enjoyed talking to you and looking forward to checking out your website.
Best wishes
Steve and Pam
Steve Hershey(non-registered)
Stopped bye to see the website and say how much I appreciate your work. The images are moving and bring to life an area that is very interesting .
You expose the hidden beauty of The Salt River Recreation Area. The way in which you’re are able to capture the wild horses and the landscapes is amazing. Thanks so much
Dan Flatz(non-registered)
Looking good!
Donna Olson
Wonderful meeting you today!! What incredible talent you have! I hope to buy one of your Salt River Wild Horse prints for my MN home. ~ Donna Olson
What a talent you have been blessed with
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